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Emmybear Learns To Share

Learning with Emmybear

Meet Emmybear! If you give her the chance she is a very sweet and lovable bear. Emmybear wants to make friends more than anything. Unfortunately, Emmybear is not very good at sharing her toys with her friends when they come to play. This leads to fights and not friendships. With a little soul searching, some helpful tips from her mommy and some trust Emmybear is able to conquer her struggle to share. Sit down and read with us as we learn to share with Emmybear!

Loving adults shopping for the children in their life-

This book had fun animal friends that will give your littles helpful tips and tricks to learn how to share. Emmybear experiences a range of emotions that she works through on her journey to learning to share and making friends. She learns to be proactive but to also trust her friends. They will see Emmybear struggle and overcome her own adversaries on her way to being a better friend and sharing.

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